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Patient Forms

Patient Forms

Use of Patient Portal is the preferred method of document submissions. Otherwise, please fill out the following forms, print, and bring them with you.

Electronic Mail User Agreement

HIPPA Compliance and Acknowledgment agreement



There are several ways to request medication refills.*

  1. The best and most efficient way to request a refill is to have your pharmacy send a request electronically. Simply call your pharmacy and ask for a refill. They will contact our office electronically with a request. The doctor personally reviews these requests and will give proper refill amounts.
  2. The second best way to request a refill is a log in via the patient portal and select the refills section on the left side
  3. We ask that all patients to review their medications prior to a visit with us so you know if refills are needed. During your follow up, asking for enough refills to last until your next visit saves lots of time.
  4. We discourage phone-call-refills. On the phone we will inform you to ask your pharmacy to send an electronic request, to log into your portal, or to schedule an appointment. A short supply and an overbooked visit to the physician may be given by phone. We do not refill medications on the phone after hours or weekends.

*No patient will receive refills for more than one year without a patient visit.

Do not wait until you are out of medication to ask for a refill. It can take 3-5 business days to complete a refill request


Endocrinology and Osteoporosis Centers of Texas Recommended Labs

Helpful Links

Helpful Links

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

American Thyroid Association

Omnipod Insulin Pump

Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association

American Diabetes Association

Medtronic Minimed Insulin Pump and Guardian Continuous Glucose Sensor

Dexcom Continuous Glucose Sensor

The Endocrine Society

Education Resources

 Diabetes Education

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■     Spanish Version


Imaging procedure education

  • Osteoporosis

■     DEXA Scan

  • Thyroid

■     Thyroid Nodule

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